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A wiki is a database of pages which visitors can edit live."

The building blocks of wikis are the "comments" from visitors.

You can generally edit a page in real time, search the wiki's content, and view updates since your last visit. In a "moderated wiki," wiki owners review comments before addition to the main body of a topic.

Additional features can include calendar sharing, live AV conferencing, RSS feeds and more.


A wiki makes it easy to swap ideas and information on projects--whether for a family vacation or a complex business enterprise.

A wiki opens the door to experts and shy silent types alike, increasing creativity, expertise, and productivity all around.

Wikis end the waste of ricocheting emails and communication breakdowns--wikis literally get everyone "on the same page."


Are you building a freely editable and public wiki, or do you need to be conscious of privacy and security in your enterprise? There can also be issues of legal liability and risk to reputation, particularly if you publish to the web. Options such as a moderated wiki format, user agreements, and locking some pages from public view can offer protection.

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